Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kelpie

About The Author: A.D.Tony Parsons OAM

The Kelpie by Tony Parsons

ISBN-13:9780670073597, Published 30th August, 2010
Penguin Australia, Hardback, 720 pages

Set to become the classic work on the breed for many years to come, Tony Parsons' The Kelpie is the culmination of sixty-five years of experience in breeding and training Kelpies, while also researching their origins and promoting the breed worldwide.
This fully illustrated and authoritative work contains everything you might want to know about this renowned dog. Some of the many areas of Kelpie lore and practice covered include:
• The Kelpie's origins and evolution – theories and furphies
• The role of genetics and selection in breeding stock
• Practical advice on loyalty, temperament, obedience, commands and developing control
• Preparing the Kelpie for trialling
• The Karrawarra stud and the increasing popularity of the working Kelpie in the US
• Famous Kelpies of today and yesterday, as well as breeder profiles
• A section on health and nutrition by Dr Alistair Webb – from general care to emergency treatment
• Over 250 colour and black-and-white photographs, many of them rare and historic.
On virtually every page of this book Tony Parsons reveals his deep respect and affection for this great Australian dog. This major work will be an invaluable reference for Kelpie breeders, owners and enthusiasts throughout the world.

An absolute Must Have for all working stockdog lovers. Not yet available in the U.S. Contact Dymocks Toowoomba for an order form.

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