Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Azawakh Models

A few days ago I posted a photo of an overweight Azawakh (see bottom photo).  Here are a couple more photos, illustrating what an Azawakh SHOULD look like.  The first is a photo of Ynaya (photo credit to Caro Dirr, now Mrs. Per Paetzmann).  Dr.Vet. Gabriele Meißen, with over 20 years experience in breeding and showing Azawakh, commented that Ynaya was in "perfekte Kondition !!". I don't think this German phrase requires translation, it speaks for itself. It is normal that the thin skin and short, thin coat of an Azawakh reveal the underlying bone structure. The word that describes this thin look is 'dry'. Also note the prominence of the hip bones - this is another Azawakh breed trait.
The second photo illustrates the correct movement of an almost 9-year old Azawakh female, Takuté (photo credit to Bettina Heinrich). The photo was taken at a show this past weekend. The fore and aft leg extension is correct. Note the space clearance between the backstroking front leg, and the forestroking hind leg. With a breed that is short-backed like the Azawakh, being taller than long (known as a high rectangular format), it is not easy to achieve this balance of movement.
As for the last photo, an Azawakh is not designed by nature to carry all this weight. No, she is not pregnant. She is overweight! Unfortunately, the uninformed general public will make the common mistake of believing that the below Azawakh, Tintzirit, a taidit (female Azawakh) who has just raised a litter, is in correct condition, and this is NOT the case. I have put her on a diet.

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  1. Yes.. they should not be feed burgers..
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