Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boks The More Kill Guru

From LA AnimalWatch The November statistics are out. Below are the killing versus impound rates for: cats and dogs; rabbits; all other animals. 2007/2008 cats/dogs 36% bunnies 31% others 41% 2006/2007 cats/dogs 33% bunnies 34% others 30% 2005/2006 cats/dogs 41% bunnies 33% others 32% During the three years he has been here, he has decreased cat and dog killing by only 5%, which is 1.6% per year. Given this rate of improvement, we will be in the Winograd No-Kill range in about 27 years assuming impounds remain the same. If the spay/neuter law SUBSTANTIALLY decreases impounds, we may be no kill in 19 years assuming the budget returns to the 2007-2008 level. I think the No-Kill goal can be had far more quickly given new management.

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