Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do HSUS And PeTA Speak For You?

PetPAC [] [] Do HSUS and PETA speak for you? PetPAC is a national organization formed to protect the rights of pets and their owners. In 2007 and 2008, PetPAC took on the massive lobbies of HSUS and PETA and defeated their attempt to pass California Assembly Bill 1634. AB 1634 was mandatory spay and neuter legislation which was irresponsible and would have resulted in an increase of animal shelter deaths. PetPAC has grown to over 45,000 pet activists across America. HSUS and PETA have targeted PetPAC for elimination because of our belief in the rights of pets and their owners. We reject HSUS and PETA attempts to force vegetarianism upon the public, force extinction of certain dog breeds, and attempts to ban pet ownership under the guise of “animal rights”. Today’s recession has slammed not only Wall St., the auto industry and hundreds of large corporations; it has had a devastating effect on our members and their ability to support PetPAC. PetPAC’s funding has dwindled to a trickle. Unfortunately, unless we receive an immediate outpouring of financial support we will be unable to continue the work we started in defeating AB 1634. HSUS and PETA will be able to move their agenda unheeded. Pet owner rights are sure to be trampled under the onslaught of animal rights extremists. With the new administration in Washington D.C., HSUS and PETA are poised to force their agenda upon America. Only PetPAC with the political experience, ability and organization can stop them from speaking for all of us. Please make a contribution and sign our petition today. Only with your help can we help protect the rights of pets and their owners. Sincerely, [] Bill Hemby Chairman Spread the word about PetPAC. Please sign the petiton to stop HSUS & PETA

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