Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amassakoul Idiiyat-es-Sahel

Amassakoul! "I'm a so cool!" Try saying that with a Texas twang. I'm so proud to own one half of this idi! I don't know which half of him I'm going to claim, but we don't have to decide that yet. I wanted him because I fell in love with his name, and because he was born on my birthday. The theme song for this blog is...him! Scroll to the playlist at the bottom to play it! You can view Amassakoul and his siblings, Madidou, Ayur-Ikmer and Kanazi, in the short video under "Batna With Her Puppies", posted on January 19 below.


  1. Congratulations on owning "half" of that puppy. I own Nara, full sister Amassakoul's sire Kidal, and half sister to your Iférouane. Nara too was born on my birthday. (which is today, Yay!)


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