Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CA: Riverside County Legislative Update

Riverside County recently passed legislation mandating sterilization of dogs and cats if impounded 3 times. It is also mandating microchipping for identification. Authorities will use a soft launch approach. The law is effective March 1, but there will be a grace period of 90 days and citations will not be issued until June 1. Riverside County supervisors are asking for residents in favor of and opposed to the new pet ordinance to join a committee to guide its implementation. If you are interested, e-mail your supervisor: District 1 (Supervisor Bob Buster): district1@rcbos.org District 2 (Supervisor John Tavaglione): district2@rcbos.org District 3 (Supervisor Jeff Stone): district3@rcbos.org District 4 (Supervisor Roy Wilson): district4@rcbos.org District 5 (Supervisor Marion Ashley): district5@rcbos.org To check your district, go to: www.rctlma.org/districts For more information on microchipping and spay/neuter services, go to:www.rcdas.org

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