Friday, January 2, 2009

New CFA Legislative Spokesman

December 31, 2008 From: Joan Miller, Vice President, Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. For almost 12 years I have been a consultant to the Cat Fanciers’ Association as CFA Legislative Coordinator. I am pleased to announce that George Eigenhauser will assume this position on January 1, 2009. He has been part of the CFA Legislative Group, serving as CFA Legislative Information Liaison since 2004. George will now have overall responsibility for CFA’s public affairs activities and be the spokesperson for CFA on legislative matters. He will prepare guidance on our positions, suggest opposition points, post CFA Alerts and present our views on legislative issues to lawmakers and their aides. He will also begin reviewing the Federal and State bill introductions selecting those for CFA monitoring or action in the upcoming state sessions. We count on our strong and educated grassroots force to effectively maintain CFA’s opposition to local, state and federal laws we consider detrimental to the breeding of pedigreed cats, harmful to unowned/freeroaming/feral cats or negative toward pet ownership in general. I am grateful for the wonderful response from cat fanciers during my years as Legislative Coordinator, and we will need your support even more in the upcoming year. Our Legislative Network Liaisons around the country and CFA Regional Directors should primarily communicate with George on all matters related to legislation. George will work with the dog registries, federations and clubs, numerous individual dog fanciers, the pet industry, other cat associations and the many animal related organizations with whom we have cooperated for over 18 years on mutual goals related to fair and sensible animal laws, improved shelter management, data keeping and humane treatment of feral cats. George lives near Sacramento, the California State Capitol, and he is an attorney. He is an active breeder of Maine Coon cats and an elected member of the CFA Board of Directors. With over 28 years of experience in public affairs he became involved in feline legislative issues in 1981 when he was appointed to the San Diego County Animal Control Advisory Committee. He served on this board during the 80’s and was chairman for several years. In 1992 he became active in CFA legislative concerns helping to defeat cat licensing in San Diego County. He also was instrumental in establishing and providing funds, through the San Diego Cat Fanciers, for the “feral cat management team”, which evolved into the San Diego Feral Cat Coalition, one of the first trap/neuter/return programs in the United States. As CFA Legislative Information Liaison, George has written extensively about legislative issues and has responded to numerous questions sent to the CFA website or posted to the CFA list. George also serves as a representative for CFA on the National Council for Pet Population Study and Policy. In January I will move into the position of CFA Legislative Information Liaison, concentrating my efforts on communication and articles related to public affairs issues. Sharon Coleman remains CFA Legislative Legal Analyst. The CFA Legislative Group was established by the CFA Board of Directors in 1997 and the three of us work as a team to determine strategy and successfully address difficult public affairs challenges. We welcome your help in assuring a smooth transition as George takes the lead in 2009. His email address is: George Eigenhauser. Joan Miller CFA Vice President Chair, CFA Legislative Committee

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