Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CA Legislative: No On SB 250

PetPAC [] [] [] Yesterday, PetPAC announced our campaign to fight California Senate Bill 250. SB 250 would add another tax to pet owners. Taxing pet owners is not a solution to any problem, Furthermore, this bill would MANDATE sterilization for dogs and cats that do not receive an unaltered license. Under this bill, unaltered licenses can be denied to pet owners based on many factors including a neighbor’s complaints, an animal being cited for off leash or running loose, or the arbitrary decision of an animal control officer. Please sign the petition today to say NO on SB 250! Experience has shown that local jurisdictions cannot recoup the costs to administer and enforce mandated pet sterilization laws from penalties and fees alone. To pay for the new bureaucracy, funds are taken from other city and county services, including law enforcement and public safety. SB 250 is a bad idea. It will result in a reduction of dog licenses, cost the taxpayers millions in increased shelter and enforcement costs and result in more dogs being euthanized. Sincerely, [] Bill Hemby Chairman P.S. Please help us fight SB 250. The same cast of characters who attempted to pass AB 1634 are at it again. We need your help today. Thank you. Ask your Friends to help Please sign the petiton to stop SB 250 Please help support PetPAC fight SB 250 Tell Your Friends Sign the Petition Make a Contribution

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