Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spirit Of Sahel

Free Spirited Azawakh Puppies Playing In The Wind After days of icy cold rain, we finally had blue sky yesterday - but the high winds reminded us it was very much winter. Iférouane Idiiyat-es-Sahel shown running and playing with Tombouktou's Enayat. Iférouane (Tigidit Fasiqqi x Tiraout) is from Texas and Enayat (Al Hara's Vakuru x Takuté Al-Ifriqiya) is from Germany. Iférouane is sand color with the dark mask, and Enayat is the younger one. One photo shows them with Zipmarc Call Her Green ("Carla"), a working labrador retriever. Thank you David Moore and Dr. Gabriele Meißen for entrusting these two beautiful taidit to me and allowing me to make my small contribution towards the preservation of these incredible aidi from the Sahelian desert.

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