Tuesday, March 17, 2009

West Virginia Legislative Alert

West Virginia Bill A Radical Attempt At Limiting Dog Ownership Tuesday, March 17, 2009 West Virginia House Bill 2843, sponsored by Delegates Daniel Poling of Wood, Virginia Mahan of Summers, Nancy Guthrie of Kanawha, Roy Givens of Brooke, and Tom Azinger of Wood, seeks to define commercial dog breeders and to impose limits on the ownership of dogs. Similar to many bills introduced in legislatures across the country in 2009, HB 2843 is part of a radical national legislative agenda aimed at limiting the freedoms and liberties of Americans by attempting to restrict the number of animals they can own. Click here to read rest of article and to contact West Virginia legislators. Nevada Legislative Warning Nevada Bill Impacts Responsible Dog Breeders Tuesday, March 17, 2009 A bill has been introduced in the Nevada Senate to regulate anyone who wants to breed and sell dogs, regardless of the number. Senate Bill 241 would require all breeders, regardless of how many dogs owned, to pay a $500 annual fee in order to breed and sell puppies. It would also impose numerous other regulations and subject anyone who breeds and sells dogs to random inspections. It is very important for all responsible dog breeders and owners in Nevada to contact the Nevada Senate and express your opposition to this infringement on your rights! Click here for rest of article and to contact Nevada legislators.

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