Saturday, March 14, 2009

Texas: Legislative Call To Arms

THIS IS THE BIG ONE for TEXAS.....we really need to get to work to stop it! The HSUS bill that has been sweeping the country has arrived in Texas: HB 3180 was filed March 10. Please unite and stand your ground. Various HSUS versions have been killed in committee in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, and New Hampshire to date. We must do no less in Texas. This is an "animal rights" campaign to end all dog and cat breeding and has nothing to do with animal welfare as existing animal cruelty laws address that already. Texas Humane Legislation Network says they are working with HSUS on this bill. We'll have a thorough analysis later. In the meantime, have you donated to "RPOA Texas Outreach" for our lobbyist, attorneys, expert witnesses and other lobby expenses? Click to go to the RPOA Texas Outreach to join the fight. CA: Legislative Call To Arms The Cat Fanciers' Association - March 12, 2009 ACTION IS NEEDED NOW- from all California pet lovers. California is considering yet another mandatory spay and neuter law. SB 250 mandates sterilization of most dogs and cats in California. By creating new crimes and imposing new duties on local animal control agencies, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program upon local governments. CURRENT STATUS: Action is needed IMMEDIATELY. The bill has been introduced and has been assigned to the California Senate Local government Committee. Organizational letters (clubs, rescue, etc) and individual letters to committee members are needed ASAP. WHAT THIS LEGISLATION WILL MEAN TO YOU: SB 250 provides that no person may own, keep, or harbor an unaltered dog except as specified. It would make it unlawful for any person who owns, keeps, or harbors any unspayed or unaltered cat 6 months of age or older to allow or permit that cat to remain outdoors. It would require an owner or "custodian" of an unaltered cat to have the animal spayed or neutered, or provide a certificate of sterility. It would allow an unaltered dog license to be denied or revoked for a variety of reasons. This bill would require anyone who offers any unaltered dog or cat for sale, trade, or adoption to meet specified requirements and report the sale within 10 days. It would require, if an unaltered dog or cat is impounded pursuant to state or local law, the owner or custodian to meet specified requirements, including paying the costs of impoundment. Requires sterilization if a pet is impounded for any reason. Contact information for the California Senate Local Government Committee and examples of discussion points in opposition follow. Please write or fax TODAY. Click here for full report and contact information. George Eigenhauser Cat Fanciers' Association Legislative Coordinator

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