Sunday, March 8, 2009

Texas Legislative Red Alert

Photo Credit: Daoud Abdullah Abdullah Puppy Mill Bill According to a Houston Chronicle article, more than two dozen animal-related measures are making their way through the Texas Legislature this session. The article discussed how the proposals reflect the economic and emotional role animals historically have played in Texas, and how they also reveal an overdue awareness that animals aren’t chattel to be exploited, even tortured, according to human whim. The article mentioned that the Texas Humane Legislative Network (THLN) has singled out several of the most pressing measures. THLN is a volunteer group that spends most of its funds on a lobbyist defending animal welfare issues in the Legislature. Next week, THLN will file its own priority measure: targeting puppy mills. Click here to read the rest of article about proposed House Bill 1046, and why THLN believes there is no way anyone can take care of 50 animals properly. So!....The big "elephant in the room" has finally stood up! The HSUS bill (an anti-pet bill) which is being touted as "The Puppy Mill Bill," will be filed next week at the Texas State Legislature according to the Houston Chronicle. This bill must be KILLED in committee, not just amended! Filing is being delayed until the March 13th deadline to give us less time (and money) to oppose it -- or so they think. Will you let them get away with this? RPOA Texas Outreach has paid our lobbyist a retainer but it takes big bucks to stand up to HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network and win! We need attorneys, expert witnesses, etc. We don't have big bucks. So if we lose it won't be our fault but the fault of those who don't care enough! Our hands are tied behind our back and it is unbelievable that such apathy exists in these troubled times for animal ownership. If you personally or your club have been dallying around and haven't donated yet, it is imperative that this be done asap by PayPal at: Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach (more information on the website) or mail: RPOA Texas Outreach, 900 NE Loop 410 #311-D, San Antonio, TX 78209. Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) and their three lobbyists are working with HSUS to get this onerous bill passed in Texas. The HSUS bill has been filed in 16 states (counting Texas soon) with a stated goal of 34 states this year - defeated in committee in three states already. This is an agenda! It has nothing to do with humane care of animals as existing animal cruelty laws cover all situations. This is an "animal rights" agenda to end all use, breeding and ownership of animals with "guardians" being their preferred word usage instead of "owner." Note that THLN is opposing HB 1046 which allows animal owners to appeal even after a judge rules their animal be confiscated. Even if declared innocent of all charges, their animals are gone! THLN was responsible for the 2003 law passed which denies that appeal. THLN is a coalition of all "animal rights" extremists in Texas. PETA is joining them in opposing this bill. Any opposition to their radical agenda/legislation is portrayed as having a commercial interest in animals. RPOA has none and is all volunteer except for our office Program Director! We just love 'em and want to keep 'em! It gets harder and harder every day.Puppy mill and cockfighting bills among the best of Legislature’s animal welfare proposals.

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