Sunday, May 10, 2009

AZAWAKH: Tahatmellet Idiiyat-es-Sahel

From sand to grass - no big deal. Raised in the desert, Tahatmellet just re-located to the West Coast Sierra foothills to live with me. Tahatmellet is an 1,000 year old puppy that I co-own with Daoud Abdullah Abdullah of Idiiyat-es-Sahel. He is a special one - wise and knowing well beyond his age. Recalling the words of Carlos Balestra, when I look into this puppy's eyes, a millennium of history luminesces through their dark orbs. He is sage and joyful at the same time. And already master of his harem of taidit, who adore him. Tahatmellet will be 3 months old in about a week. TAHATMELLET. It is one of the kels (clans) of the means "those of the white horses".

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