Friday, May 22, 2009

COVER UP: ABC Atlanta Exposé On HSUS

We posted the link to the video exposing HSUS' dastardly conduct on the 19th. The cover up is now getting heavy. Read on from PetPac: Today the ABC Atlanta news story exposing the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) questionable fundraising practices became even more controversial when the station contacted PetPAC demanding we take down the transcript of the story. The story appeared on Channel 2 in Atlanta over a week ago and soon after HSUS apparently initiated a campaign to cover up the story from being told. The video of the news story was mysteriously taken down from the station’s archives and You Tube, most likely the result of HSUS demands. Why the cover up? The investigative report exposed how HSUS raises hundreds of millions of dollars but contributes virtually nothing to help support local animal shelters as their solicitations often seem to imply. Here’s a transcript of the news story sent to us by a member. We believe the United States Constitution guarantees our freedom of political speech to send this to you. The power of an organization which raises hundreds of millions of dollars like HSUS is immense. If they are trying to cover up this story, we simply would like to know why. We look forward to hearing their side of the story, but to date they have not issued a denial of the investigative report exposing their suspect fundraising practices. We will continue to keep you informed. Sincerely, [] Bill Hemby,Chairman

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