Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oppose AB 241! May 28, 2009 AB 241, the anti-breeder bill introduced by California Assembly Member Nava, has recently passed the Assembly on a vote of 60-14. It now proceeds to the Senate where it has been sent to the Committee on Rules for official Committee assignment. AB 241 is animal rights backed legislation that would impose a cap of 50 on the number of intact dogs and cats that can be owned in California. It closely resembles anti-breeder legislation being pushed by HSUS in numerous other states so far this year where the centerpiece is typically an arbitrary number limit. We would strongly encourage you to email your State Senator using the talking points below urging them to oppose this unfair and costly bill should it come before them for a vote. Here's a quick breakdown of the amended version of the bill that passed the Assembly:
  • Creates a new class of misdemeanor for possessing more than the allowed number of unsterilized dogs or cats used or intended for breeding or producing offspring for sale as pets.
  • Provides that "no person shall own, possess, control, or otherwise have charge or custody of more than a combined total of 50 unsterilized dogs and cats at any time used for the purpose of breeding or raising dogs or cats for sale as pets, or for the purpose of producing offspring from dogs or cats for sale as pets".
  • Requires owners in violation of the allowed limit to "reduce the number of unsterilized dogs or cats in order to comply with this section" and to "spay or neuter the excess animals or sell, transfer, or relinquish the excess animals within 30 days following notification by authorities "
  • Provides that a "peace officer, humane officer, or animal control officer may lawfully take possession of an animal kept in violation of this section when necessary to protect the health or safety of the animal or the health or safety of others".
  • Stipulates that the limit of 50 unsterilized animals applies to animals used at any time for the purpose of breeding for sale as pets. Exempts animal shelters, veterinary facilities and research institutions.
Click here to read the latest version of AB 241. NAIA opposes number limits because they are arbitrary, unenforceable, vulnerable to court challenges and have never been successful in addressing irresponsible breeding or negligent rescue operations. Furthermore, it is the stated intent of HSUS to initially set number limits high to achieve passage, and then go back in subsequent years and pass legislation to gradually ratchet them down. Your action now can prevent animal rights activists from setting this dangerous precedent in California. Click here to take action. Urge your senator to vote NO.

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