Friday, May 8, 2009


Because of procedural maneuvering in the Texas Legislature, harsh breeder regulatory legislation is now very close to becoming law in the Lone Star State. It is vital that all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in Texas take immediate action in opposition to this bill. On Wednesday, May 6, Senator Tommy Williams of The Woodlands had House Bill 2310 considered, which originally concerned the powers and duties of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. HB 2310 already passed the House of Representatives, and was being considered by the full Senate. Then, while the bill was being considered, Senator John Whitmire of Houston, the chief sponsor of Senate Bill 1910, which seeks to impose harsh regulations and limits on responsible dog breeders but had until now received little attention from the Texas Senate, moved to amend CSHB 2310, adding the same harsh breeder regulatory language to this bill. The amendment was accepted. In short order, the Senate's rules were suspended, allowing the full Senate to put the newly-amended HB 2310 up for a final vote. The Senate voted unanimously in favor of HB 2310. (Click here for the Texas Senate Journal's entry detailing the actions taken on HB 2310.) These procedural moves effectively prevented concerned Texans from exercising their right to speak out about this legislation. Now, the bill will be sent back to the Texas House of Representatives for final approval, also known as concurrence. AT THIS CRITICAL JUNCTURE, IT IS VITAL THAT ALL RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDERS AND OWNERS IN TEXAS FLOOD THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WITH LETTERS, CALLS, AND E-MAILS OF OPPOSITION. URGE THE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE TO NOT CONCUR WITH THE SENATE'S AMENDMENTS TO HB 2310. ADDITIONALLY, ALL CONCERNED TEXANS SHOULD CONTACT GOVERNOR PERRY AND EXPRESS THEIR RESPECTFUL YET STRONG OPPOSITION TO HB 2310 AND THE PROCEDURAL MANEUVERING THAT DENIED TEXANS THEIR RIGHT TO BE HEARD. If enacted, the amended HB 2310 will negatively affect many responsible breeders in Texas. We oppose these changes including the following provisions: * Defining "commercial breeder" as a person who possesses 11 or more adult intact female animals and is engaged in the business of breeding animals for direct or indirect sale or for exchange in return for consideration. * Requiring licensure of anyone considered a commercial breeder. * Limiting commercial breeders from possessing more than 50 adult intact female animals in a facility at any time. WHAT YOU CAN DO: It is imperative that all concerned Texans immediately contact their member of the House of Representatives. Urge them to not concur with the Senate's amendments to HB 2310. To find your Representative, click here and enter your information. Contact Governor Rick Perry in opposition to this bill now. Respectfully yet strongly let him know that you oppose HB 2310, and insist that he veto this bill. Office of the Governor Rick Perry Mailing Address: P.O. Box 12428 Austin, Texas 78711-2428 Delivery Address: State Insurance Building 1100 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701 Citizen's Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers]: (800) 252-9600 Fax: (512) 463-1849 To e-mail Governor Perry's office, click here, then click "I am registering my opinion", click "Submit", complete the information on the following page, and click "Submit".

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