Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preservation Of The Aidi Kel Tamasheq

The Azawakh: Dogs From The Clan Of The Tamasheq Speaking People “The Azawakh of the Sahel arise as one of the world's last and rarest existences, in which an entire race of dog is still shaped by its historical purpose; an ancient form optimally adapted to its natural environment and surviving free of the genetic depletion brought about by selection according solely to aesthetic criteria. Those in the west who love the race share a unique opportunity to heed Xavier Przezdziecki's redemptive words: The belief held by all breed associations in "improvement" should not apply to the sighthound as it is almost perfectly formed by nature. Indeed, as they are a loan from nature, man is charged with their preservation." ~ Dr. Werner Röder, Honorary Member, The Azawakh Club

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