Friday, December 4, 2009

Amassakoul n'Ténéré

Many of you are already familiar with the theme song of this blog (go to bottom of the page and click on the Playlist). Here finally are the words. I own a dog by the name of this song, Amassakoul, I love it so much! I am a traveler in the lone desert It's nothing special I can stand the wind I can stand the thirst And the sun I know how to go and walk Until the setting of the sun In the desert, flat and empty, where nothing is given My head is alert, awake I have climbed up and climbed down The mountains where I was born I know in which caves... the water is hidden These worries are my friends I'm always on familiar terms with them and that Gives birth to the stories of my life You who are organized assembled, walking together Hand in hand, you're living A path which is empty of meaning In truth, you're all alone. -Ibrahim Ag Al Habib (Tinariwen: Amassakoul)

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