Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Matching Pink

Plum blossoms and Tamenzut with her slow filling pigment on her nose

are a near perfect color match. Tamenzut is now 4 months old, she is the first born in Iférouane's litter sired by Kusu. Her dam's nose was also slow to fill.  We call her Miss Pinkie Jezebel.  When her nose turns black, she will become Jezebel the Devil Woman. Below her is Atakor who is 5 months old and as tall as Iférouane and Enayat at the shoulder - and already taller than they in the rear. Atakor is sired by Django, desert bred and his dam is Takuté.  They are Azawakh, a rare West African hound. Yes, very contrary, to highlight pink on St. Patrick's Day.

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