Monday, August 2, 2010

Azawakh: The Passing Of Hatshepsut

The Azawakh community mourns the passing of a great taidit. Hatshepsut passed away recently at the age of about 13-1/2 years in North Carolina, where she lived happily in retirement from her breeding career along with her son, Ahkmedu and his sire, Debakkar Kel Dahoussahaq; and her people, Matt and Mina.
Hatshepsut was bred by Ayad ag Inachanan, Chieftan of the small village of Tin Akoff in the province of Oudalan, which is situated in the northwestern corner of Burkina Faso, Africa. Hatshepsut was chosen by Monika Kessler, Azawakh Kel Dahoussahaq, Switzerland, from a litter out of the legendary Taikoussou (x Azabor), whose imported progeny and their descendants have influenced many western breeding programs. (Taikoussou is also the granddam of Tamahan ak Tin Akoff, imported to the U.S. in 2007.)
After a short stay in Switzerland with Monika, Hatshepsut went to David Moore and became one of the foundress of his kennel's (Al-Ifriqiya/Idiiyat-es-Sahel) dominant dam lines. In type, she was elegant, bordering on rustic, with noble undertones. She has bequeathed to many of her descendants her great format, the long legs and open precipitous corner, a type without exaggeration, with natural nobility. Reserve in personality, without hysteria and excessive fear, she produced similar noteworthy traits in many of her get.

Hatshepsut had 3 litters:
Her first litter, sired by Takoba Al-Ifriqiya (Randy Barrow, Cindi Holland Palmieri), was born on 24 June, 1999. There were 2 females, Tafzint, and Talempt and 4 males - Akamouk, Ennehet, Hamadan (Randy and Cindi), and Iska. Tafzint went to Xanadu Farms Azawakh and was bred to Tigidit Fasiqqi, producing Xanadu Farms Azzat, dam to Ansongo (Gionessa Gustavson), who then sired 8 puppies with Nara Idiiyat-es-Sahel, who now lives with me. From this litter, I retained Tcherot, so she will be carrying forward not only Taytok's bloodlines, but also Hatshepsut's as well.
Her second litter was sired by Debakkar Kel Dahoussahaq and was born on 4th January, 2000. From this litter were 3 females, Halla, Maymouna, Telmousit, and 4 males, Akhmedu, Amaal, Safouan, and Tamga'azallet. Maymouna and Telmousit were very beautiful females, lost in the October, 2007 fire that burned down David Moore's house. Halla was killed when she was she was returned as an adult to live with David's pack. Of the seven in this litter, only one was known to have carried forward.  Safouan produced with Iman and Jana; as well, several of their get: Tittawen, Alem'nemehal, Chenna and Kaisoon.
Hatshepsut's third and last litter, born on 17 August, 2004, was with her grandson, Kaisoon, producing 3 females: Tiwul, Tammemt and Tizemt; and 3 males - Asmun (Cindy Shields), Isul and Amenzu. Tiwul was bred twice before she was killed by a rattlesnake in the desert, and through her, Hatshepsut's genetics will carry forward through the progeny of Tiwul's son Kusu (sired by Tamgak) bred to Iférouane - Tamenzut,Toufik and others in the litter of 8. As well, with Tiwul's breeding to Idi Ilaman Afelahlah, Hatshepsut will continue through Tezerift, Raba, Ataram (Cyril Chaput and Andrée Bouchard) and Igazan.
Amenzu has sired a litter with Tawinak from which I have retained a female, Tintzirit. And Tizemt (Lilia Berezkina) will hopefully be producing in the near future. Hatshepsut will live on through her progeny.

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