Friday, October 22, 2010

Raw Milk Not A Cosmetic

Darn it! It's always so hard to buy unpasteurized or raw dairy products. That's why I grow my own. From Barf Blog: The Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, sounds like a groovy place, especially when Cleopatra’s Bath Milk, a raw milk product which is labeled as a cosmetic, is available.
The Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Maleny’s Maple Street Co-op was fined $2,500 in court yesterday after it was found guilty of misleading and deceiving the public. The sale of unpasteurized milk is prohibited under Queensland’s Food Production Safety Act 2000. After a complaint from a resident in February last year, a plain-clothes Queensland Health officer purchased a two-liter bottle of Cleopatra’s Bath Milk.
While it could not be proven the sales assistant had promoted the raw milk for consumption, the prosecution focused on the fact that the unpasteurized milk had been displayed in the same refrigerator as organic, pasteurized, milk and price listings indicated it was no different to its legal counterparts.

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