Sunday, October 10, 2010

Triple Ten Day

Today is 10-10-10:- an auspicious day of multitasking challenges.
(More narrative below photos.)

It is the first birthday of Tombouktou's A-Wurf, a significant breeding vital for carrying forward the genetics of this rare race of West African sighthounds. These are photos taken of Atakor early this morning before I left for the Retriever National ongoing nearby. His sire is Django, recently imported from Burkina Faso, and he lives with Alberto Rossi of Tigidit in Italy. His dam is Takuté Al-Ifriqiya, she belongs to Dr. Gabriele Meißen of Tombouktou's from Germany. In the meanwhile, the U.S. National Azawakh Specialty is taking place on this day, with record breaking entries. This does not bode well for the future of the race in the U.S., given the pattern of breed distortion that historically transpires whenever show breeders enter the scene. Off I go now to tend to business at the Retriever National where my club is hosting over 360 entries in 8 days of intense working competition. We are having a pig fest tonight, serving 400+ people. Bye for now...

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