Friday, November 26, 2010

My Working Dogs And Livestock

From top down: BOO the Great Pyrenees, livestock guard,
who just passed, in his mid teens.
Followed by LAGUN my Basque Shepherd, or more correctly, an Euskal Artzain Txakurra, cattle herder and guard, he is now 8. My sheep, with BOND JAMES BOND, the gelded llama, the paramount sheep guard against coyotes. And last but not least, KARRAWARRA ARI, Australian Kelpie, bred by Kevin Howell and Tony Parsons, sired by 6 times Australian National Working Kelpie Champion Karana Digger II, his dam is Karrawarra Mallee.


  1. I tried to 'follow' this blog, but Google won't let me use my Yahoo or Twitter account, and is making me open up a Google account and I don't want to. Google offers the other options but killed it when I tried. I sent you an email the other day about this, but didn't get a reply? Jovita Hernandez

  2. Sorry - did not get your email. You can open a Google account to follow with another email address, you don't have to get a gmail email address to do this. Hope that helps. Please do not try to use Open ID - I have deleted Open ID followers because that's basically anonymous. Open ID just uses a bunch of numbers for the ID. Mimi Cary Drake (akilah)


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