Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuareg Activists Fight Uranium Exploitation

Niger is one of the several West African countries of origin of a rare breed of sight hounds known in western culture as the Azawakh. It is probably one of the poorest countries in the world. Uranium mining has been its economic mainstay. The French state owned company,  Areva, has had a monopoly on this business for over forty years, producing uranium to serve nuclear power needs throughout Europe. Click here to read the full article about the abject working conditions and the denial of medical recognition of radiation related fatalities, and how the indigenous people are starting to fight back.

Read how Arlit was once glorified as a "second Paris." And why, today, it is almost a ghost town, where the desert wind blows red sand through the streets - a hot, red monochromatic place, with houses made of red clay and streets paved in red dust, where sandstorms repeatedly darken the sky.

Click here to find out the progress in the search for evidence of the atrocities committed on the people through the years.

This is a three-part article written by Cordula Myer for Spiegel.

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