Sunday, January 9, 2011


There apparently is a deviant stalking my blog.
They have invaded my friends' privacy on chat, and also made ungrammatical and negative comments at my friends' FB photo albums about my breeding white Azawakh, and have written innumerable private emails to my other friends, denigrating my "breeding and hoarding activities". As well, they've been mouthing off on their FB Wall. All such writings which broadcast fiction about me, including the chat conversations,  have been saved for future use. In the meanwhile, I thought I would feed their frenzied attempts to fling poo at me, by entertaining them with lots more photos of the white puppies that I have supposedly been "producing". I want to thank my friends for these photos, though I won't credit them by name, to avoid their being harassed by the poo flinger.
Are we having fun yet? Do you know what is a lampoon?


  1. My, my, my, Mimi! You are a racist puppy miller ;-). When do you find the time to do all these white breedings? Let me guess who this illiterate Deviant is - I believe she's attacked one of my comments, too, a short while back. Is it the person who fancies herself the Breeding Assistant to Him?

  2. I crank out them all-white puppies at 30-minute intervals, Cheryl, with a little boost from Adobe Photoshop. I can do it even faster in the Facebook cybergame, called Farmville. There, I also hoard hundreds of white cats and thousands of golden chickens. I have 8 dairy barns with cows producing rainbow color calves by the gross daily. I don't quite understand your last sentence - you capitalized the word Him, are you referring to some Deity, figuratively or literally?
    Cheerfully milling and hoarding regards, Akilah.


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