Monday, March 7, 2011

Azawakh Puppies In The Rain

Well the first photo was actually taken on the deck, puppy's settling nicely in his new home.  Photo taken by new owner, less than 24 hours after arrival and after a long plane ride.There is another photo of this puppy shown in the lap of the new owner, but it was taken indoors and has an orange tinge to the photo, that's why I haven't uploaded it. My puppies go to their new homes after 10 weeks of age, closer to 12. The qualification process is stiff.  I look for stable homes - where the owner can demonstrate emotional and financial stability. Animal-intuitiveness is a plus but not mandatory.  Impatience is a huge minus by my books. The other photos were really taken in the rain - sunny California is no more! Many more photos in my Facebook album.


  1. Oh, so beautiful dogs, or puppies. I think azawakh is one of the most beautful breeds in the hole world (included some other of course..)
    I'm not scoure I understand right, but are you from norway..?

  2. Oh, ok... I'm sorry... Then i guess I got it wrong


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