Monday, March 28, 2011

How Easily He Forgets

"The two tongued,two headed, all seeing eye of duality" strikes again. Below are two dogs, both of whom are not considered registrable or breedworthy in France - at least, according to the breed standard approved by SLAG on 22 January, 2011.

The first photo: there was no way to treat him as an Azawakh sighthound (not any more), nor to seek a judge for an initial title registration. At least, not if we apply the new SLAG breed standard being proposed to the FCI. The reason: he has a thick, heavy tail, hair too coarse, with too much curl in it. Overall too thick, too heavy. The second dog has a white collar - that's too much white! He's not an Azawakh! Let's disqualify him!

What you should know is this: the first dog belonged to Gervais Coppé, who used him to produce 82 Azawakh (42 of them from just one female) that now proliferate in our Azawakh's ancestry. I do not have to tell you who bred and also owned the second dog.

Today, the same Coppé is seated on the SLAG Board as its vice president, and in the revised breed standard he/SLAG is proposing to FCI which will affect all Azawakh in Europe and worldwide, the dog from whom he bred so promiscuously, would be disqualified. Now, they have become bastards. No longer one of his precious, re-designed Azawakh-Oska which he is now promoting in a clever marketing package that he describes as the natural progression of "domestication".

Mind you, the overbreeding of C'Babasch below, is just one example of Coppé's mindless contributions towards the precipitous genetic downfall of the breed. There were other reckless breedings.

The title of this post should more accurately be: HAS HE GONE MAD?
C'Babasch, owned by Gervais Coppé, his ears, tail and body type are disqualifications under the proposed new standard.
Kel Tarbanassen Berzit, his white collar disqualifies him, today, under the proposed new standard. Bred and owned by Gervais Coppé.

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