Sunday, March 13, 2011

Retriever Field Trial Hall Of Fame

FC-AFC Volwood's Mollie was just inducted to the Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame. Mollie is a Lean Mac progeny (NAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac) and her dam is FC-AFC Carroll's Black Velvet. The retriever field trial sport is dominated by professional handlers. Owner handler Jack Vollstedt is one of the few successful amateur handlers who rarely trains with a pro and is a consistent Open and National contender. As we all know in the retriever field trial sport, training is 90% of the game, and most amateurs do not have the know-how to advance the dog to a competitive edge without professional guidance. Jack is a veteran of the sport for over 3 decades. He had more hair and carried more weight back then! Jack lives in southern California and owns training property in Oregon. In the photo he is holding Mollie's portrait-award, and his wife Florence is holding the plaque.
Photo credit to David Smith of Bird Dog Foundation.

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