Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Color Obsession And Other Tails

Even as we fight against the absurdity of color restrictions, we are allowing the color issues to eclipse other silly changes to the FCI breed standard, such as disallowing a curl in the tail and other such nonsense. The captions below the photos are of course a spoof - on the absurdity of how some narrow human perceptions can ruin a marvelous natural breed of West African hounds - the Azawakh-Idi. Unfortunately this happens too frequently in the show dog circles. Equally as absurd, is the person who comes to this web site, zeroes in on the photo of a white Azawakh and immediately downloads it. The obsession with color is sick - whether it is with white supremacy or the opposite - that is, with the white oppression currently being promoted in the French show circle and soon to be extended worldwide, if they have their way. Well, if they succeed in tampering with and re-designing a breed of dog which is really just nature's loan to the universe, then we will have to go our separate way. That can be done.

Tail Too Curly
Body Too Heavy
Too Much White
White Extending To Back Of Neck [gasp!] - Another No-No.

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