Monday, July 11, 2011

Azawakh Harness

Safqa models her new harness with Hadrian standing behind. Johanne comments: "The harness fits and works beautifully, and I think Safqa likes it too - much more comfortable. And the second circular strap just behind the rib cage gives so much more security, and you can attach the leash to either ring, or thread it from the first through the second, which I haven't done yet." I think I will order one also.


  1. How does this harness fare outside of urban activities? I've been using a similar harness and the fleece-ish padded underside attracts every grass burr and sticker in the region and then is difficult to clean. Rrrrrghhhh.

  2. Well, the padding is important for the Azawakh because the thin skin can easily be abraded by the friction of the harness rubbing on the body, unless it's padded. I haven't had trouble with burrs and stickers - I can imagine it must be a PITB to clean. I like using a harness especially when taking an inexperienced Azawakh into a citified area, because it's secure restraint. Unlike a collar, which can slip over the head if the dog gets panicked and starts thrashing around. And boom - he's gone!


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