Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Al Govednik's German Shepherd,"Hex", went missing from his yard Monday morning (Sept 26th). Click here for more information.

"Hex" was taken from the owner's property on Monday 9/26/2011 around 5:30 AM -- a white van was involved.

He's a male German Shepherd with a sable colored coat (meaning salt and pepper coloring), unlike the typical black and tan GSD you're used to seeing. "Hex" is identified with a tattoo in his right ear,the number is 07098.

If you spot a dog that looks like that, please call law enforcement or contact the owner.
Al Govednik Alpha, Illinois 61413
Cell Phone -- (309) 235-7450.

AVID chip 011 855 311
Tattoo # 07098

"Hex" is protection trained with titles: SchH3, IPO3, VPG3, IPO FH, RH1
Breed/Sex/Weight -- German Shepherd Dog / Male / 85 lbs.
Color: Sable
Sire -- Xac z Pohranicni Straze
Dam -- Chayma z Pohranicni Straze
HEX is also trained for search and rescue work, so he is a friendly dog.

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