Sunday, November 4, 2012

It Hasn't Gone Away At All...

While dog fanciers worldwide quibble and infight over nonsense, anti breeders under the guise of animal protectionism relentlessly advance in unity to destroy the hobby breeder. Their lobbying to enable more and more restrictive legislation on the hobby breeder has been successful while we bicker. Click here to read an "outsider's" view of what is happening to us.

In the meanwhile, a rare breed of dogs, the Azawakh, which is struggling to preserve its existence and its genetic resources, is put into further jeopardy due to the vanity and jealousy of its human companions in Western society. To illustrate, examine the community of Azawakh fanciers which heavily populates Facebook like no other dog breeds. In a breed which limited population is only in the low thousands, more than 14 Azawakh groups reign on Facebook, each purportedly representing some phantom special interest relating to the breed. Many of them are "closed" groups, serving an elitist segment of the Azawakh community. But in fact, there is no lofty goal underlying most of these groups. How divisive is this? Very!

Compare that to the far more popular German Shepherd Dogs, for example, where there are less than half a dozen similar groups representing that breed on Facebook!

If we as a community are unable to rise above our pettiness and spite and narcissistic indulgence, to unite ourselves against the current anti breeder trend, not only will the beautiful creature we call the Azawakh be driven to extinction, but also, the entire purebred industry will be buried. This may not be the first wake up call you have heard and ignored, though it may well be one of the last.

Shall We Just Roll Over And Say "Uncle"?

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