Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zita And Her Liliger Cub

I'm not stuttering, really. The cub is liliger - 3/4 lion and 1/4 tiger, thus, liliger. The dam Zita is liger or half lion and half tiger; and the sire is Sam, he's a full blown lion. Breeder? Who gives a damn who the breeder is. It's only the narcissistic, egocentric garden variety dog show sociapaths who have glorified that word to ridiculousness. Outside of that shallow community, nobody cares who the breeder is or isn't.

Zita And Her Liliger Cub
I love the tiger spots on the back of Zita's ears, and the leopard prints on the not-so-little cub!

~Photo credit to AP from Yahoo News.~

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  1. Heh, lions and tigers are going extinct in the wild and were wasting resources breeding purposeless hybrids....and i thought dog breeders were bad!


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