Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ABC Atlanta's Exposé On HSUS

UPDATE 5/21/2009: The link to the video has been...removed. Very interesting. However here is a link to the transcript of this video instead. We're not going to let the truth be buried! Click here to watch the video exposing HSUS' deceit and misuse of donations. Each year, HSUS raises hundreds of million dollars from the public, misleading it into believing the money is going to the local shelters. In 2007, HSUS raised over $120 million, of which $112 million was spent on political lobbying and huge staff salaries. After Hurricane Katrina, HSUS' Wayne Pacelle raised $34 million, promising to re-unite owners with their dogs. In fact, only $7 million went to that effort. HSUS raises and spends millions of dollars every year on the fight to take away our rights as pet owners. Make a contribution to PetPac, so it can continue the daily battle. PetPAC has proven that in every instance where we have had an opportunity to expose the truth, we have stopped PETA and HSUS cold.

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