Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Azawakh Missing - TAMOUDIT

Missing Since 17th April, 2010 In South Florida

On Saturday April 17, Mimi Cary Drake shipped Tamoudit, a female Azawakh, from California to Doug Koger in Florida. (An Azawakh looks like a Greyhound and can run faster.) Her photo is shown above, it is taken an hour before she was loaded for her flight.
Within minutes after her arrival at his home, she escaped and has not been seen since.
She spent the first 8 months of her life, running free in the desert. She spent the next 10+ months of her life with Mimi. She was a house dog, and she learned to bond, and was sweet, loving and playful. She has never tried to escape before.
Tamoudit has no ties to Doug or his home - she was there only for minutes. Please contact everyone you know who's near Fort Lauderdale and send them this photo. Tamoudit could be anywhere by now. Tamoudit escaped from Doug's home in Davie, Broward County, near Fort Lauderdale.
A sighting now is very important. She may have reverted to being feral and cannot be handled. But if she is sighted, help can be sought to trap her. For those that don't know the breed, an Azawakh is a very rare sighthound and can run very fast.
Tamoudit needs your help. Please circulate this information. Thank you in advance.
You can contact me through email: Mimi Drake
For help in the area for trapping, please contact Erica Kasper

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