Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Safqa Hunts

Safqa Idiiyat-es-Sahel is an 11 months old Azawakh taidit (female). 
The wind was blowing so hard that the rain poured down horizontally. Most of the dogs just stayed inside. Except Safqa. She wanted to hunt and hunt she did.  I did not go outside with my camera until after the rain stopped. In the first image Safqa spotted her prey, a mole.

Next, she was sitting back with dead prey at her feet. She's bringing her prey to the house;  she set it down, watching carefully to make sure no one would steal it. Last photo shows her consuming her prey. Safqa, performing her work for which she was designed to do, over millenium. The huntress from West Africa. Safqa: named after one of the most precious dam lines of the asil Arabian strains on the island of Bahrain.

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