Sunday, January 2, 2011

Azawakh Foto Favorites

Here are a few photos - I'll be adding more to this post as I search through my folders,
and as my friends send them to me. On top is Kalabougou, photo taken by Barb with her Smartphone camera. Below is Rebecca and Enayat, both standing cross-legged! I had asked Bob for this photo to include in my 2011 calendar - this would have been the only photo not taken by me for that calendar. But I had trouble receiving it since it was a large file (I had asked for a high resolution picture). Well, it finally got here, too late for the calendar, so I'm posting it to my blog instead. At the bottom is a photo of In'AmakTak and his awesome packmates. We mustn't forget Hachethahan - I just received her photo.
Yet another one of mine, no? And of course this Cutie Pie. Thanks, all for the photos. Oh, by the way, there are TWO winners of the puppy photo contest from the December puppies post! To avoid harassment, their names will not be published.

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