Friday, February 25, 2011

Azawakh Photo Contest Winners

Photo Passion sponsored a photo contest with the subject of dog portrait, standing or sitting. The winners are just announced. I will post the winning photos, since 2 of them are Azawakh. But first, at the top is my favorite photo in the contest, with this comment from Marya Morales: "I really like the close intimacy captured in this photograph. The focus really becomes those soulful eyes. And with the soft light and hints of green there is a feeling of calm, gentle love."

Kalabooboorific, Owner: Barb Dietsch

BRONZE WINNER Dacar, Owner:  Ludmilla Koslow

SILVER WINNERS Tintzirit & Koumaira, Owner: Mimi Drake

GOLD WINNER presented by Katarzyna Mijakowska Firewire
Modigliani - Botticelli Tileco, Italian Greyhound, male 
Just Kitting...uh, Kidding

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