Thursday, September 8, 2011

Azawakh: Brindles

Edjouma came home for an afternoon visit.  He picked the hottest day of the year, then all he wanted to do was stand in the shade.  Apparently the ground was too hot on which to lie - after the sun has been on it all morning. He tried to dig a hole but got yelled at (not by me, I don't yell, I just look at them...) and stopped.  He's in the first 2 photos, below that is Tahatmellet, and the last one is Tamahan.  Of course they are all closely related.  They are all Azawakh and they are all brindles. Even the village idiot can see that.

And being as all these photos were taken in the shade surrounded by bright sunlight coming in at the wrong angles, you're lucky you get to see anything more than black blobs. So enjoy.

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  1. I've been watching this breed for over a year now, wanting to get an Azawakh. I love fast dogs to run with my ATVs and swim with me! Thanks for posting this! I never knew they could be brindle! ;D


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