Monday, September 5, 2011

California Waterfowl Magazine In Memoriam

Bill Drake was an ardent conservationist. The Fall, 2011 issue of the California Waterfowl Magazine has a memorial column about his passing in May this year. Please click here to read it. The photo below is of him, taken by himself. It is one of many in his "Frequency" series, with his palms held out in that position deliberately.  This was one of his earlier photos, when he started getting into this innovative modality. The classification of this group of photos as "Frequency series" is very loosely used.

Just in case some of you missed the great video of him on the ranch - and of the ranch - a video made and narrated by Jake Messerli, click here to enjoy it. Click here to pull up all the posts on William Drake. After seeing these, go back up, click "show older posts" for more.

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