Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year 2013 A.D.

Of Serpentine Streams

The white lily rolls
Aboard the lime light vessel
In endless liquid,
Drinking the sweet wine
Of an eternal garden
Birthed in godly myth,
Bidding a fine morn
To the lapping deer and fawn
Nuzzling her petals
That enchant pure life
In her pearl-breathed aroma
Luring cold nostrils.
She whirls about foam
In the azure depths of notes
Hummed by serene waves,
Chasing destiny
About mossy cliffs and stones
Clinging to mire,
Holding fast lest fate
Rip them from their sound abode
And spread them like stars -
Stars long gone sightless
As halo streaks pierced the tarp
Of transient night.
And her feathers kiss
So white a kiss to the rose
Just waking from sleep . . .
Its red blossoms bow
In flattering royalty
To the white sailor
As the lark swoons high
Within sighing orchid limbs.
He chirps lyrics quaint ,
And in reply bobs
The cherry speckled maiden
Upon the current
Promising fair winds
And bountiful tunes to birth
In the sun's first blush
She drifts forever
Onward past warrens and knolls
Of vivid flora
Covering the bare
Naked eternity of
Infant stirring bliss
She croons to the dawn
Whilst drifting in a garden
Of serpentine streams

~Lisa Arnold

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